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Urgent Call to Action! Help in Defense of Animals Stop Canada’s Horrific Seal Hunt!

Despite the coronavirus pandemic worldwide, the notoriously brutal Canadian seal hunt is still happening, and the bloodiest months are coming. Hundreds of thousands of harp seals and their babies will be beaten with barbed clubs, shot, and many will be skinned alive for their … Continue reading

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Canada Passes New Law Cracking Down on Animal Cruelty, Bestiality

Parliament has passed a new law cracking down on animal cruelty that will list those convicted of bestiality on Canada’s national sex offenders registry. Bill C-84 also changes wording in the Criminal Code to clarify that bestiality involves any contact for a … Continue reading

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20 Animal Cruelty Charges Filed Against Canada’s Largest Dairy Farm

Earlier today, a total of 20 animal cruelty charges were filed against the owners of Chilliwack Cattle Sales—the largest dairy factory farm in the country—and seven workers. These landmark charges stem from an investigation by Mercy For Animals in May … Continue reading

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