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New Jersey Becomes First State Ever to Ban Traveling Wild-Animal Acts

With New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s signature, “Nosey’s Law” is officially on the books! Despite a setback for the bill under the former administration, the Garden State is now the first state ever to enact a ban on traveling wild-animal … Continue reading

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As climate warnings loom, new poultry plant last thing Canada needs

While much of America reels from recent news regarding potentially catastrophic effects of climate change in the White House-commissioned National Climate Assessment (NCA), Canadians are instead learning of a new $660-million poultry processing plant opening in Ontario. Continue Reading…

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One in three Britons is now eating no or less meat, finds report

A fifth of people are now ‘flexitarian’ – trying to eat more plant-based meals without ditching meat altogether – a new poll by Waitrose suggests A report by UK supermarket chain Waitrose shows that a third of the UK population … Continue reading

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How Saving One Chimp Led to a New Kind of Anti-Poaching Group

Protecting West Africa’s wildlife from poachers is all about making law enforcement and the courts work, says activist Ofir Drori. Ofir Drori has gotten lost in Kenya’s wilderness, rescued a baby chimpanzee from traffickers in Cameroon, escaped death threats in … Continue reading

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Indian Supreme Court Breaks Ground on Animal Rights

In recent years, the Supreme Court has upheld the rights of animals and birds to lead a life of “intrinsic worth, honour and dignity,” even at the cost of popular faith and practices of human beings. The starting point of … Continue reading

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A compassionate democracy: citizenship and the living world

This paper begins with the assumption that commonly accepted notions of citizenship are not tenable in a globalised, interdependent world. Climate change, ecological degradation and the finite nature of fossil fuels on which our lifestyles depend bring urgency to the … Continue reading

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Living as a vegan: the raw facts! World Vegan Day, 1 November, 2015

World Vegan Day (WVD) – are you thinking about becoming vegan?  WVD has been celebrated since 1994 and did you know it also heralds the start of World Vegan Month? Veganism is a great alternative to eating meat, which we … Continue reading

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