Chickens Crushed, Denied Water, Left to Suffer at McDonald’s Supplier

A new Animal Equality U.K. investigation reveals chicks having their necks crushed, birds suffering from burns and blisters, and chickens purposely denied water at a McDonald’s chicken supplier.

For years, Mercy For Animals has reached out to McDonald’s representatives, asking that the company ban the worst abuses for chickens in its supply chain. In 2018, Mercy For Animals joined forces with The Humane League, Animal Equality, Compassion in World Farming, World Animal Protection, and Animal Outlook to form a coalition campaign and launch a petition calling on McDonald’s to adopt a meaningful chicken welfare policy. So far, the petition has gathered over 300,000 signatures. The footage was taken over two months in eight British chicken farms operated by Moy Park, one of Europe’s 10 largest poultry producers. Moy Park is responsible for nearly a third of all chicken sold in the United Kingdom and raises and kills over 312 million birds every year.

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