Producers and Processors in The Top Tier of The 2020 Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare

The 2019 Benchmark, which analysed 150 global food companies and is supported by Compassion in World Farming and World Animal Protection sees Cranswick and Noble Foods recognised as global leaders on farm animal welfare, alongside retailers Marks & Spencer, Waitrose, Co-op Group (Switzerland) and Migros.

Beyond the individual company rankings, the 2019 Benchmark reports that 60 of the world’s leading food companies now have formal farm animal welfare policies and appropriate management processes for ensuring they are effectively deployed internally and throughout their supply chains. It cites consumer interest in farm animal welfare, coupled with positive momentum inside a majority of the world’s most influential food companies as key accelerators of year on year change. However, it warns that progress is still too slow with 40 percent of the 150 companies still appearing in the bottom tiers, providing little or no information about how they are managing the risks and opportunities associated with farm animal welfare.

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