Gene Baur Ends the Debate Between Vegans and Meat Eaters – Find Out How

When it comes to debating which is better, overall, eating plant-based or eating a diet heavy in meat and dairy, there are countless (extremely heated) arguments on both ends. One can argue that eating more plants is better for your health, the other can argue that there are humane ways to raise animals for meat consumption. We could go in circles all day – but what these questions often fail to ask is how we are going to feed a rising population, which is set to hit 9.7 billion by 2050, with our current food system.

We might not be readily aware of this fact, but our current global food system is already being pushed to its absolute limit and as it stands, we are running out of land and water to produce more monoculture crops that primarily go towards feeding livestock. When you look at the volume of corn and soy we grow versus how many people are suffering from food insecurity, it becomes pretty clear we’re feeding our “food” more effectively than we’re feeding people. So how do you unite these feuding fronts to create a viable food system that can support the planet, people, and animals? Well, Gene Baur, President of Farm Sanctuary has some pretty impactful ideas.

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