Stop the Torture of Rabbits in Canada Petition

If you were a rabbit guardian, would you keep your companion locked in a tiny cage for her entire life, never allowing her to take a single hop, and neglecting her to the point that she developed painful lesions on her feet from the cage wire?

Most would consider this blatant animal cruelty, but what I just described is the reality for the vast majority of rabbits raised for meat in Canada.

In nature, rabbits are sociable, active, and playful. Their extremely strong hind limbs allow them to leap great distances—up to one metre high and three metres long.

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2 Responses to Stop the Torture of Rabbits in Canada Petition

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  2. Betsey says:

    Michelle, I love your sense of humor–a big old mug of gravy! ha!I have 3 clay cookers made by Romertopf (that’s German for Roman Pot) since cooking with clay goes back that far. Even though they’re mostly used for roasts, they can also be used for bread, just like that bread dome, only more mutso-purpile.


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