Hey Veterinarians…We Need to Talk About Veganism

Millions of Americans trust veterinarians to care for their companion animals’ health and well-being. We often think of them as Dr. Dolittle, compassionate and loving toward all their patients, regardless of species.

But what about the animals on their plates?

We asked Amanda James, a vegan veterinary student at St. George’s University, to explain why vegan should be the future of veterinary medicine. Here’s what Amanda had to say:

Men are considered a novelty in the veterinary field, but it’s even rarer to come across a fellow vegan. We’re basically unicorns. Sometimes I’m not sure if others even exist. I receive strange looks and unwelcome comments regularly. I’ve even been told that I shouldn’t disclose this information to potential employers, as they will think I’m unfit for the field. It can be daunting to feel like I’m in it alone, but I’ve jumped in headfirst and haven’t looked back.

I’m in this field because I can’t imagine being anywhere else. I’m a voice for animals of all kinds. My patients will be furry, feathery, scaly, and everything in between. They’ll come in all shapes and sizes, but that’s as far as their differences will go. They won’t be able to tell me where it hurts or what they’re feeling, but their stress, their pain, and eventual relief won’t vary across species.

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