Tyson Dumps Over 6X More Pollution Into Waterways Than Exxon

According to a new report by Environment America, Tyson, one of the largest meat producers in the world, is responsible for dumping more toxic pollution into our waterways than companies like ExxonMobil and Dow Chemical: “Tyson Foods, Inc. or its subsidiaries dumped more than 20 million pounds of pollution directly into our waterways in 2014 alone. This figure only includes pollutants reported to U.S. EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory, and does not include pollution from factory farms raising livestock for Tyson.”

So not even counting pollution from its factory farms, Tyson produced more than six times as much pollution as ExxonMobil for the years included in the report.

But it’s not just Tyson. Several other large-scale meat producers ranked higher in toxic releases than Exxon, including Perdue Farms and Pilgrim’s Pride.

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