Living as a vegan: the raw facts! World Vegan Day, 1 November, 2015

World Vegan Day (WVD) – are you thinking about becoming vegan?  WVD has been celebrated since 1994 and did you know it also heralds the start of World Vegan Month?

Veganism is a great alternative to eating meat, which we can only get by killing animals!   Furthermore, vegan farming can help us to banish world hunger – it helps protect water reserves, fertile lands, and cuts out greenhouse gas emissions.

Did you realise that forests are destroyed not only to provide sources like wood and paper – but also so animals have land to graze from and growing crops to be fed from?

So what’s happening on November 1st?  Well this year WVD is hoping that a record number of people will pledge to try ‘plant based eating’ at least for one day.  But, there are other pledges that you can take so why not visit the official website for more information about how you can take part in a meat free diet.

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