Activists allege widespread cruelty at Tyson’s chicken factory

An anti-animal cruelty group says it has secretly recorded Tyson Foods workers punching, throwing and pulling the heads off of live broiler chickens at one of the mega meat producer’s plants in Mississippi where up to 2.5 million chickens are slaughtered each week.

Vandhana Bala, a lawyer for the group Mercy for Animals, which showed video of the alleged animal cruelty to USA TODAY, said the group filed affidavits in Leake County, Miss. Justice Court on Tuesday alleging misdemeanor animal cruelty by the Springdale, Ark.-headquartered Tyson and six slaughterhouse workers.

The video appears to capture footage of workers on the floor of the slaughterhouse jabbing shackled birds like they were punching bags and tossing birds toward metal shackles like basketballs.

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