As climate warnings loom, new poultry plant last thing Canada needs

While much of America reels from recent news regarding potentially catastrophic effects of climate change in the White House-commissioned National Climate Assessment (NCA), Canadians are instead learning of a new $660-million poultry processing plant opening in Ontario.

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WOW! 300,000 People Expected to Sign Up for Veganuary in 2019

Without a doubt, 2019 will be the year of the vegan! Veganuary, a charity dedicated to helping people switch to a plant-based diet at the beginning of the year, expects a record-breaking 300,000 people to sign up on its website to spend the first 30 days of 2019 vegan!

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Majority of Canadians “Unsure” about Meat Industry’s Human Claims

A recent report from the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity on public trust finds that a whopping 61 percent of Canadians are unsure that meat comes from farms where animals are treated “humanely”.

Real Agriculture reports: “The study suggests there is increased uncertainty in the direction of our food system. … There are also rising concerns surrounding animal welfare as a whole. When it comes to consumers’ confidence that Canadian meat, milk, and eggs are raised humanely, the bulk of respondents were unsure.” This makes total sense, considering that what happens to animals exploited for meat, dairy, and eggs can never be “humane.”

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One in three Britons is now eating no or less meat, finds report

A fifth of people are now ‘flexitarian’ – trying to eat more plant-based meals without ditching meat altogether – a new poll by Waitrose suggests

A report by UK supermarket chain Waitrose shows that a third of the UK population (33.5 per cent) now have meat-free or meat-reduced diets. This includes one in eight Brits (13 per cent) who now identify as vegan or vegetarian, and a further 21 per cent as ‘flexitarian’.

“It’s extremely encouraging to learn how many Britons are choosing to reduce their consumption of animal products” Nick Palmer, the head of Compassion in World Farming UK, told the Guardian.

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‘It’s Like Milk But Made For Humans’

Vegan Ad on ‘Time Out’ Cover

The oat drink commercial has appeared in tube stations, and on 4oD

Oatly’s landmark vegan oat drink advertising campaign has been spotted as a wrap on major magazine Time Out.

The slogan, which says ‘It’s like milk but made for humans’, is featured on the cover alongside other log lines from the Swedish company. When the campaign was launched in Sweden several years ago, Oatly was sued by the dairy industry.

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5 Spooktacular Ways to Help Animals this Halloween

Scary costumes and tasty treats will always be a part of Halloween. This year, let’s add activism to the tradition! Check out these five easy ways to help animals and still have a scream of a time.

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How Saving One Chimp Led to a New Kind of Anti-Poaching Group

Protecting West Africa’s wildlife from poachers is all about making law enforcement and the courts work, says activist Ofir Drori.

Ofir Drori has gotten lost in Kenya’s wilderness, rescued a baby chimpanzee from traffickers in Cameroon, escaped death threats in Nigeria, and survived a crocodile attack in Ethiopia. But for Drori, life’s real challenge is fighting corruption in order to stop wildlife trafficking.

The 40-year-old Israeli-born activist is the founder and director of the EAGLE Network, which stands for Eco Activists for Governance and Law Enforcement, a coalition of NGOs in nine countries dedicated to helping governments crack down on wildlife trafficking and poaching.

It’s what he calls a “new-generation nonprofit,” one that’s focused not on education or policy but on law enforcement. And to enforce the law in central Africa, he says you first have to fight off corruption attempts left and right.

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